About Recession Chef

Recession Chef - Eating gourmet food on a budget. Everyone is on a budget these days. What you may not know is that you can still eat very well even if you have a limited amount of money. The upcoming Recession Chef book shows you how to cook great meals for a fraction of the cost of going out to eat. Many times you can have restaurant quality plates for the price of fast food. The Recession Chef includes tips on saving money while purchasing food, making food from scratch that costs pennies and using food subsidies to allow inclusion of expensive elements into inexpensive meal plans. We also cover food preservation and recipes.


For the price of two people eating fast food combo meals a family of four can eat fine restaurant quality food. Examples would include Chicken Marsala and rosemary potatoes for $10 for a family of 4. This meal would cost $60 in a restaurant. How does flatbread for 4 cents each sound? 

The Recession Chef book is not yet available but an announcement will be made as soon as it is. In the meantine enjoy select articles taken from the book right here on recessionchef.com. Also follow our Google+ fan page at  gplus.to/RecessionChef.


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